apollo moon hoax

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Only Hollywood Movies have Plot Holes!

Im sure we've all seen a million plot holes in Hollywood movies. Most people just ignore it, and often dont notice most of the problems. Whilst others ramble on wildly about how this doesnt make sense, that wouldnt happen, hey what about this, etc....

For example; Sometimes you see Out Of Place Artifacts in the background such as a propane tank in a movie set in 200 BC. Or sometimes characters clothes change as the camera angle changes. Sometimes watches appear, disappear, or change hands. Sometimes a character looses a hat when they jump out of an airplane, in the next scene they are wearing their hat.

In action movies, you often see debris from earlier takes, like; explosions, bullet holes in the wall before people start shooting, or long screeching tire tracks during chase scenes that are already there before the car pulls that exact same maneuver.

Cartoons like Road runner & Coyote over emphasize their ability to create an illusion.

Obviously, these are all fake. So who cares?

Well, what happens when you find these same plot holes in the Apollo missions?

The space suits offered absolutely no protection from cosmic radiation. Their movie props are obviously cheesy 1960's B rated sci-fi movie props.

Their bluescreening and or movie projector windows have numerous flaws. The whole entire mission is filled with incosistencies and discontinuities.

Many of the photographs have been proven to be Studio-generated. The Astronauts left the moon rocks behind in the lower stage of the LEM, there was not enough room in the upper LEM or Earth Re-entry Vehicle to store 100 lbs. of rocks.

How did they keep the ship cool? There was no atmosphere to protect the capsule from the intense solar radiation, or to absorb the heat through conduction. It would be like a vacuum thermos. No heat engine can pump heat into a vacuum.

Millions of dollars, and the LEM is held together with SCOTCH TAPE?!?!

The Lunar Rover mysteriously left tracks in the surface before it was unpacked.

The Apollo lunar surface looks absolutely nothing like what we know the real surface looks like from the 1967 NASA video below.