apollo moon hoax

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Apollo Moon Hoax

When man landed on the moon, it was one of the greatest achievements of all time. Or was it?

Did we actually land on the moon? Or was it faked?

Why would somebody fake that?

I grew up believing, adamantly, that mankind had been to the moon. However, the evidence seems to continue to mount providing a great case against it.

Why didn't they burn in all of the heat and solar radiation during Apollo 11? How did they get the batteries to last so long? How did the radiation shielding work? How did we get the lunar rover to the moon? Why do so many photos of the astronauts on the moon appear to be faked? Why can you see a wall painted to look like the lunar surface in many of the photos?

Over the course of this blog, we will delve deeply into all of these disputed items, and hopefully get to the bottom of this debate, once and for all!


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