apollo moon hoax

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Watch the puppets dance on their strings!!!

God, i love these clips!!

Nasa apparently used wires in combination with half speed footage to create the apperance of low gravity "on the moon"....


In this first clip from, "What Happened on the Moon?" you can see the wires glinting on the ASStroNOTS as they bounce around on the set. In some scenes you can see the glinting go all the way to the top of the frame!! ALSO NOTE - - as one guy is supposedly helping the other guy get up, with lots of help from the wires of course, you see something fall off of his pack and it falls to the lunar surface WAY TOO FAST for lunar gravity!!!

In this second clip, at about 1:25 you get to see the puppet dance!!

STAY TUNED, more to follow...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I love Sci-Fi, but not when its labeled FACT




Monday, September 04, 2006

Huh! That's odd...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Only Hollywood Movies have Plot Holes!

Im sure we've all seen a million plot holes in Hollywood movies. Most people just ignore it, and often dont notice most of the problems. Whilst others ramble on wildly about how this doesnt make sense, that wouldnt happen, hey what about this, etc....

For example; Sometimes you see Out Of Place Artifacts in the background such as a propane tank in a movie set in 200 BC. Or sometimes characters clothes change as the camera angle changes. Sometimes watches appear, disappear, or change hands. Sometimes a character looses a hat when they jump out of an airplane, in the next scene they are wearing their hat.

In action movies, you often see debris from earlier takes, like; explosions, bullet holes in the wall before people start shooting, or long screeching tire tracks during chase scenes that are already there before the car pulls that exact same maneuver.

Cartoons like Road runner & Coyote over emphasize their ability to create an illusion.

Obviously, these are all fake. So who cares?

Well, what happens when you find these same plot holes in the Apollo missions?

The space suits offered absolutely no protection from cosmic radiation. Their movie props are obviously cheesy 1960's B rated sci-fi movie props.

Their bluescreening and or movie projector windows have numerous flaws. The whole entire mission is filled with incosistencies and discontinuities.

Many of the photographs have been proven to be Studio-generated. The Astronauts left the moon rocks behind in the lower stage of the LEM, there was not enough room in the upper LEM or Earth Re-entry Vehicle to store 100 lbs. of rocks.

How did they keep the ship cool? There was no atmosphere to protect the capsule from the intense solar radiation, or to absorb the heat through conduction. It would be like a vacuum thermos. No heat engine can pump heat into a vacuum.

Millions of dollars, and the LEM is held together with SCOTCH TAPE?!?!

The Lunar Rover mysteriously left tracks in the surface before it was unpacked.

The Apollo lunar surface looks absolutely nothing like what we know the real surface looks like from the 1967 NASA video below.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This is a great video. It shows;

What real moon looks like from orbit and on surface!

What real earth looks like from moon!

What real phake apollo moon missions looked like in 1967!

The real conditions of heat and cold experienced on the moon!

The real problem of accurately calculating the proper trajectory!

If you are in 'the apollo zone' on the FACE of the moon, near the equater, near the 'prime' meridian, the earth should be right at your zenith, almost right above you!!!


They used to show photos from the surface with the moon on the horizon, NOT POSSIBLE!!! At least not if they are where there supposed to be!!

In this photo they almost got it right, EXCEPT; Earth is not anywhere near perfect ZENITH and the earth IS WAY TOO SMALL!!!! Also, the earth looks absolutely nothing like the real earth. Click on it to view the full size image.

This is total phake!

ZOOM in on this to see the HALOS's around the edges of the EARTH and the MOON!!

Also, notice that the earths shadow terminator line IS PERFECT FLAT!!!

This was taken by a satelite in orbit, not on surface! It is real. Compare it to the fake photos above!! The photo right above this; has an earth that is way to small, has a perfectly flat "terminator" line of shadow, has a very fake looking earth. The photo 2 above this has; a VERY fake looking earth that is way too small!!



I appreciate everything that our wonderful government has done for us. Our Apollo astronauts, et al, are also owed a great gratitude for their services. It definitely is a service, as you put in far more than you get back!!

Hell, people dont even recognize you for your accomplishments!!

The fact of the matter is that it took some serious balls for these people to do what they did! Risking life and limb to boldy go where no one had gone before, to do something nobody ever thought was possible, to capture people imaginations and shoot them to the moon!

I would do the same thing!

Sometimes you need to aim sky high, shoot for the moon, incredible pipe dreams!! Sometimes that is the only way you can bring about the revolution that you need. Its the circle of life, death brings rebirth, out with the old, in with the new...

People will always oppose change!

Think of where we would be without a fake moon landing?

No computer games

No cool movies

No flight simulators

No space shuttle

No space station

No Internet

No nothing!!

The simple fact of the matter is that these people filled their work with mistakes, so that one day, when we were ready, we could take over.

Its like them saying, "You're so smart? YOU FIGURE IT OUT!!"

Be proud of american culturalism!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

NASA Spent Millions Building Moon Simulation Models

This is how nasa faked the moon landing. They used Hollywood style movie Props. Special Effects technicians picked over the models with microscopes to create very accurate details. Why go through so much trouble unless you're trying to trick someone?

They painted these models and used clay to add definition. Then they used trick photography.

Supposedly they were going to use these to run simulations....

Listen to what these NASA officials said about these models;

Looking down from the top of the gantry on to the simulated Lunar Surface. James Hansen writes: "To make the simulated landings more authentic, [Donald] Hewes and his men filled the base of the huge eight-legged, red-and-white structure with dirt and modeled it to resemble the moon's surface. They erected floodlights at the proper angles to simulate lunar light and installed a black screen at the far end of the gantry to mimic the airless lunar "sky." Hewes personally climbed into the fake craters with cans of everyday black enamel to spray them so that the astronauts could experience the shadows that they would see during the actual moon landing." (p. 375) From A.W. Vigil, "Piloted Space-Flight Simulation at Langley Research Center," Paper presented at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1966 Winter Meeting, New York, NY, November 27 - December 1, 1966. "Ground-based simulators are not very satisfactory for studying the problems associated with the final phases of landing. This is due primarily to the fact that the visual scene cannot be simulated with sufficient realism. For this reason it is preferable to go to some sort of flight-test simulator which can provide real-life visual cues. One research facility designed to study the final phases of lunar landing is in operation at Langley. ... The facility is an overhead crane structure about 250 feet tall and 400 feet long. The crane system supports five-sixths of the vehicle's weight through servo-driven vertical cables. The remaining one-sixth of the vehicle weight pulls the vehicle downward simulating the lunar gravitational force. During actual flights the overhead crane system is slaved to keep the cable near vertical at all times. A gimbal system on the vehicle permits angular freedom for pitch, roll, and yaw. The facility is capable of testing vehicles up to 20,000 pounds. A research vehicle, weighing 10,500 pounds fully loaded, is being used and is shown [in this picture]. This vehicle is provided with a large degree of flexibility in cockpit positions, instrumentation, and control parameters. It has main engines of 6,000 pounds thrust, throttle able down to 600 pounds, and attitude jets. This facility is studying the problems of the final 200 feet of lunar landing and the problems of maneuvering about in close proximity to the lunar surface." Published in James R. Hansen, Spaceflight Revolution: NASA Langley Research Center From Sputnik to Apollo, (Washington: NASA, 1995), pp. 373-378.

It turns out that NASA spent a lot of apollo moon money on the ground building moon models. Supposedly they did this so that they could run simulations. However, these models provide perfect props for movie special effects. This video even shows 'simulation' run throughs recorded before apollo 11 that look exactly like what we were told was real footage from the mission. That is until they pull the camera off of the rig and show the interior of the room where it's being filmed. Real tricky stuff.

NASA Moon Landing Hoax Pt.3

And you should check out these pages too, lots of great info;

Apollo moon hoax

Apollo Reality

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What happened on the Moon?

Here is a great documentary. It is split up into separate parts.

This documentary goes in depth into the whole apollo myth and exposes numerous inconsistencies that can only be explained if the missions were faked.

From russians and british faking news reports to photo and video irregularities, this has it all.

I especially love the clips from apollo 11 and apollo 13 where you can see the earth right outside of the windows while they are supposed to be in deep space.

And whenever nasa is confronted with hard evidence that they can't explain, they use the excuse, "Why should i justify that with an answer." Which is just another way of saying they cant explain without admitting that it was fake.

Part I

Part II

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NASA looses original Apollo 11 videos!!

NASA lost the original apollo 11 tapes!!

What are they hiding? If we had these tapes, they could be digitally remastered and used to prove, once and for all, that we did in fact land on the moon.


The Apollo 11 Telemetry Tapes Are Missing!!

The Apollo 11 Telemetry Tapes Are Missing!!

How could this be?

These tapes contain the hard data from the scientific experiments and all sorts of information regarding the status of the ship and its crew during the flight!

The best piece of evidence to prove we went to the moon is missing?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Classified Nasa video - Apollo 11 astronauts using trick photography to fake moon voyage

Check out this Classified Nasa video of the Apollo 11 astronauts faking their trip to the moon. This is a real gem. Its very strange that they've never shown this on TV before... hmmmm...

I love how you can still see the earth outside of all the windows.

And, there seems to be no radio delay in the communications.

Faked Moon Photos - Part II - Walls on the moon?

In this series of photos, you can see the walls of the studio where these photos were taken. Obviously, its not the moon. I've had people look at these photos, agree that they were fake, and accuse me of being the one to fake them. However, all of these photos are available on the official Apollo 15 website image library at http://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/pao/History/alsj/a15/.

You can click on the images to see the full sized image. And if you use Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar, you can actually zoom in on the image. Mozilla Firefox is 100% free, and its better than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds. If you use Firefox, you can actually see the contrast seam between the floor and the wall. There is a definite difference in the sand color on the floor and the wall. There are also a lot of rocks placed along the seam to try to hide it.

Faked Moon Photos - Part I

In this first photo of the CSM, from Apollo 15, if you click on the image and view the full size, you can see quite clearly, in the lower left, that there are stars coming through the moon. Now, how the hell is that possible? Its Not!

You can click on the image to see a bigger image, and if you use Mozilla Firefox with google toolbar, you can actually zoom in. Firefox Rules, and its FREE!!

In this second photo, also from Apollo 15, you can see astronauts on 'the Lunar surface' and you can also see what appears to be a wall that was painted, like old fashion movie FX, to look like the distant lunar surface. You can see, very distinctly in the upper right, where the floor meets the wall. There is a very definite 'seam'. Also, there is a distinct contrast in the sand color from the floor to the wall. And the rocks on the wall look kinda weird.