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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Faked Moon Photos - Part I

In this first photo of the CSM, from Apollo 15, if you click on the image and view the full size, you can see quite clearly, in the lower left, that there are stars coming through the moon. Now, how the hell is that possible? Its Not!

You can click on the image to see a bigger image, and if you use Mozilla Firefox with google toolbar, you can actually zoom in. Firefox Rules, and its FREE!!

In this second photo, also from Apollo 15, you can see astronauts on 'the Lunar surface' and you can also see what appears to be a wall that was painted, like old fashion movie FX, to look like the distant lunar surface. You can see, very distinctly in the upper right, where the floor meets the wall. There is a very definite 'seam'. Also, there is a distinct contrast in the sand color from the floor to the wall. And the rocks on the wall look kinda weird.


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The reality is exposed Moon landings were fake or not?

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