apollo moon hoax

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Watch the puppets dance on their strings!!!

God, i love these clips!!

Nasa apparently used wires in combination with half speed footage to create the apperance of low gravity "on the moon"....


In this first clip from, "What Happened on the Moon?" you can see the wires glinting on the ASStroNOTS as they bounce around on the set. In some scenes you can see the glinting go all the way to the top of the frame!! ALSO NOTE - - as one guy is supposedly helping the other guy get up, with lots of help from the wires of course, you see something fall off of his pack and it falls to the lunar surface WAY TOO FAST for lunar gravity!!!

In this second clip, at about 1:25 you get to see the puppet dance!!

STAY TUNED, more to follow...