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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Watch the puppets dance on their strings!!!

God, i love these clips!!

Nasa apparently used wires in combination with half speed footage to create the apperance of low gravity "on the moon"....


In this first clip from, "What Happened on the Moon?" you can see the wires glinting on the ASStroNOTS as they bounce around on the set. In some scenes you can see the glinting go all the way to the top of the frame!! ALSO NOTE - - as one guy is supposedly helping the other guy get up, with lots of help from the wires of course, you see something fall off of his pack and it falls to the lunar surface WAY TOO FAST for lunar gravity!!!

In this second clip, at about 1:25 you get to see the puppet dance!!

STAY TUNED, more to follow...


Blogger Alex said...

I’ve just finished analyzing more than 500 NASA Apollo images by Adobe Photoshop CS4.
I enhanced the sky portion of the images.
See for detail: http://members.shaw.ca/alex11/moonhoax/
To my surprise I found the Moon in the sky of several images, I found shooting stars, two landing modules (in the same image) and the stars in position as seen from the Earth. And not a shred of evidence that any Man has ever been on the Moon.
So I conclude that the images were faked by NASA. Then come the Europeans and the Japanese, and they can not see landing sites. Then comes NASA and they produce a black square and say this is the lunar rover. Would u believe yourself that to be true? I doubt it.
Just the simple fact that 40 years ago, with very basic electronic end instrumentation technology they could land on the Moon, but it takes 40 years with very sophisticated technology and we still do not have clear images of the landing sites, proves to me that such landings never took place.

With Respect

7:48 PM  
Blogger R. Preddio said...

Have you ever wondered why man hasn't gone back to the moon in almost 40 years?

In light of the recent Wikileaks scandal, I felt it would be necessary to share the following information with you.

Follow this link to see leaked docs that just surfaced this week

- http://apollo18movie.net/cosmonauts/

Thanks, and godspeed -


12:56 PM  
Blogger the Man said...

Great blog but how do I subscribe to it? I dabble with blogging myself; I did a moon post once which you can find here, http://luisabroad.blogspot.fr/2012/08/moon-madness.html if only to affirm how great your blog is in comparison :)

8:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

How many of you hoaxers came to the conclusion the landings were fake BEFORE you heard it from someone else? Did any of you come to that conclusion on your own?

10:16 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have really been searching hard to find the truth about this and want to believe we went to the moon and do believe we went...but, I DO NOT believe we were shown what is really there. Much of what we see could be Hollywood. There is one thing about an Apollo astronauts space suit that bothers me. Please help me understand if you know but how did the astronauts not die on the moon when they had movable visors on an open faced helmet? Would this not immediately cause a pressure leak? Please help me to understand, there may be a simple mechanism that explains why this is not a problem. Another thing about the moon and all the pictures we see of it is that all the pictures we see of the moon are black and white. Just looking up at the moon in the sky I can see blue, white, black, grey. It is not what they show us. I really want to know what is going on. If someone knows anything about why an open faced movable visor space helmet isn't a bad problem in space please let me know

11:58 AM  

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